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How To Effectively Use Facebook Advertising

There are many different ways you can advertise on Facebook. There are a few different types of paid options, but there are also some free ways you can get your page out there.

Some free ways that you can potentially get your page out to a wider audience mainly include being very pro-active with what you post on your Facebook page. Things like making sure to post regularly, preferably every day, will help your page to be seen more frequently by those who have liked your page.

Other ways in which you can get your page out to a wider audience include asking people to share your page, check in when they visit, or leave reviews. This means that when they share or check in to your business, it will appear on their timeline and their friends will see it. This will hopefully lead to more people viewing, liking and therefore sharing your business, reaching a wider audience.

Another simple and free way to promote your Facebook page is to Invite your Friends. With this you can send an invitation to as many people on your Friends list as you like, with the hopes that they will then like your page.

There are many different types of paid advertising that can boost likes and views to your page. To start off with advertising, it is important to have an idea of who you want to target the ads to. You can select how you want to target your ads by age, gender, interests, location and more. This means that when your ad is posted, Facebook will try its best to get your ad seen by those it is targeted to.

Some of the paid advertising objectives that Facebook has include ‘Boost Post’, which means more people will see and engage with your posts, ‘Promote your Website’, which will get more people to visit your website, ‘Promote your Page’, and more.

When using paid advertisement, it is important that before setting the post live, that you consider how much you are prepared to spend on it, how long you want the post to run for, and what type of budget you will use, either a Daily Budget or Lifetime Budget. I would recommend using a Lifetime Budget, as you only have a set amount that you can spend.

Facebook is an excellent tool to promote and increase traffic for your website, and there are so many different ways you can advertise, whether it be free or paid for. Understanding how the different tools can benefit you is important, and by using both the paid and free tools will really help you to make the most of your business Facebook page.

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By: Olivia Attwood