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Dod-dle at Malvern Festival Of Innovation

On Friday 7th October, dod-dle attended the trade show Malvern Festival of Innovation, organised by Innovate Malvern CIC.

The trade show was held at Malvern Theatres, and was a symposium dedicated to delivering innovation into business owners. It was a day filled with presentations and networking opportunities, and those who came along to the event were able to learn ways to make their business more innovative, and were able to meet other business owners who have used creativity to develop their businesses.

Our day was spent discussing what dod-dle does and finding out about other businesses, whether that was with those attending or other exhibitors at the show. It was a perfect opportunity to do some networking for dod-dle, and for more people to find out who we are and what dod-dle does. To fit with the theme of innovation and creativity, we were able to discuss how and why dod-dle has become what is it today, starting with the idea to make a simple product for those who aren’t as confident using a digital program.

Visitors of the trade show showed great interest in us, asking lots of questions to find out more about what it is we do. A big talking point was how dod-dle has been developed to be simple to use and easy to understand, which intrigued the guests, with many eager to find out more.

Overall, for us the day was dedicated to giving as much information as we could about dod-dle, and making sure we got our name heard to the guests and exhibitors. 

By: Olivia Attwood